New ad: President Obama Praises Duckworth as a Leader for Illinois Families

Tammy Duckworth’s campaign for U.S. Senate is out today with a new radio spot, entitled “Shoes,” in which President Barack Obama lauds Duckworth’s record as a champion for working families. The President describes Tammy as “a terrific leader who will never stop fighting for all of us,” touting her plan to create jobs, make college more affordable and institute meaningful criminal justice reform.

“Tammy is deeply honored and humbled to receive the President’s endorsement, and his continued support,” campaign manager Kaitlyn Fahey said. “As Senator, Tammy hopes to carry on the President’s legacy in his old Senate seat, serving as an advocate for working families much like her own.”

“Shoes” can be found HERE. The script is as follows:

President Obama: This is Barack Obama. I wanted to take a minute to tell you why I believe so strongly that Tammy Duckworth is the right person to fill my old Senate seat. Tammy knows what’s important to our families. That’s because she’s walked in our shoes. Her father worked in a factory, so Tammy has a real plan to help rebuild American manufacturing by rewarding companies that create jobs here. Tammy worked her way through college with the help of Pell Grants and student loans, so she hasn’t just embraced my plan for free community college in the future, she wants to allow students to refinance their loans to make college more affordable now. And she is the only candidate to offer a genuine criminal justice reform plan to make sure the system works for everyone. It matters who we choose to represent us in Washington. So join me. Vote for Tammy Duckworth, a terrific leader who will never stop fighting for all of us.