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Tammy Duckworth for Congress

Tammy on Veterans Day (Hardball, 11/11/11)

Tammy on Hardball with Chris Matthews talking about serving our Veterans when they return home.

Posted on November 11, 2011 in Videos.

Courage and Common Sense

Tammy Duckworth and Senator Durbin

Tammy Duckworth has shown courage in her life and has shown common sense when it comes to dealing with the challenges that we face. She can not only help the veterans get on their feet, she can help unemployed workers as well. I am proud to endorse her.

She's the kind of person we need in Washington to make the practical decisions that will move this economy forward out of the recession, creating good paying jobs for the future. People in the 8th district will have a strong voice in Tammy Duckworth.

Senator Dick Durbin, (D-Illinois)
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